beyertone® multiLAN

beyertone® multiLAN
The beyertone multiLAN sets standards for external solutions providing announcements (ABA) and music on hold (MOH) for PBX systems.

The modular expandable basic system is equipped with one port ABA and one port MOH and offers a wide range of features, including PoE.


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MPPI®-USB EXM module
BEYERTONE presents the new version of the MPPI®-USB EXM module for the Unify OpenScape Business PABX series.

Not only has the memory capacity been extended to more than 10 hours, but also an EXM function representing an audio input for external MoH sources has been added.


musiphone® SC
To realise an individual greeting message for incoming calls, e.g. specific customers (vip), the musiphone SC provides various features by using the current release of the "auto attendant" application.

Incoming calls will be filtered by the calling number (CLIP). If an individual greeting message is available for a specific CLIP the caller will hear the personal greeting message. Otherwise a standard greeting file is played back to answer the call.

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90 royalty-free titles
Now 90 royalty-free music-titles are available for the professional productions of the BEYERTONE sound studio.

In the group "Modern music" 15 new titles have been added, featuring styles like guitar solo, westcoast and rock. Check it out!