It begun so easily. BEYERs vision. The stereotype sound chip in the telecommunications systems (PBXs) should be replaced by real music.
1984 we developed the first devices with analogue tapes and named them . The first customer was Heinz Nixdorf. Soon, we recognised that analogue memories were unusable for telephone on-hold loops and so, the was changed to future-proof digital technology right in the year 1985.

1986/1987 the following companies decided a co-operation with WOLFGANG BEYER KG in a fast sequence: Siemens, Telenorma, SEL, Hagenuk and Rheinelectra. The musical on-hold loop had become acceptable.

1988 the Deutsche Bundespost ordered the first unit for testing – with great success. From this time on, our product range is installed on the various PABX of Deutsche Telekom under the brand ROBOTEL.

1989 we introduced our first for the function 'first message' (announcement before answering) for relieving the switchboards. Simultaneously, the brand became registered trademark. In the course of the years, solutions became known all over the world. BEYERs new customers in this year became Ericsson, Northern Telecom and DeTeWe.

1990 the first devices for self-recording came on the market.
1992 Patent on devices for soft music-announcement fade in. First for self-recording from CD.

1994 the first in Liliput-design for connection to PHILIPS-PBXs octopus 180 i and M 26 and integrated modules for the SIEMENS Hicom 100 E systems.
1996 to 1999 the drawing logo became a brand symbol. Different registered designs and patents for professional devices for music on-hold and messages.

2000 The BEYER office building, built in 2000
2000 BEYER develops the special ACD-announcement systems for Hicom FlexRouting®.

2001 BEYER develops an exclusive announcement system for CENTREX-application and announcement systems with 1 up to 10 PRI-ports.

2002 BEYER presents musiw@b, the world-wide novelty of online-telephonemusic.

2002/2003 BEYER presents the THE NEXT LEVEL-Systems with new technology and integrated musiw@b-download function.

2004 BEYER develops two new solutions: the BAM-Module for announcements and music for small PBX systems and the MP3 for playing mp3 audio formats to get your favourite music on the telephone loop fast and easily.

2005 BEYER presents the CR-100 USB, the innovative stand-alone solution for recording telephone or in-room conversations.

2006 BEYER develops the InfoStar-module and the speech-controlled communication systems robotel® SCM and musiphone® SC.

2007 BEYER develops the CallRecorder CR-200 with recording on USB flashdrive stick, the Duo, as well as IVR-applications for musiphone® SC.

2008 BEYER develops ProCenter-connections for the SC and - 15 years after the first MPPI ("MusiPhone Put In") module - the new MPPI-USB-module with USB-memorystick.

2009 BEYER makes partner solutions for the SC like e.g. XPhone integration and brings with the mp3 LAN a browser- and web-download configurable moh-device to the market.

2010 BEYER provides speech-controlled integration of GSM cellphones as mobile extensions and centralized multi-channel callrecording based on the SC platform.

2011 BEYER brings the multiLAN to the market - another system with browser- and web-download configuration, that now - besides music-on-hold - also provides all announcement functions within a PBX.

2012 BEYER extends the development of applications for the Audio and Voice Portal SC with features like Personal Assistant, Dynamic Waiting Loop, Call Recording, Fax Server etc.

2013 BEYER offers extended On-Hold funtionality in Unify OSBiz PABX systems by the new MPPI-USB EXM module.

2014 BEYER becomes Telekom Business Partner with special focus on professional voice and music recordings. Also, the new product AlarmServer is introduced into the market, an innovative modular security solution.

2015 BEYER extends the activities as Telekom Business Partner and coaches Telekom customers as official service provider regarding professional announcements and on-hold loops for their PABX.

2016 BEYER continues developing the multiLAN, which now provides the features script-programming and mailbox - the latter including email forwarding of messages as mp3 files.

2017 BEYER builds special and individually scalable announcement solutions based on the SC, like announcements before callrecording, CLIP-bases caller-routing etc. Along So- and S2M-trunking, SIP integration has become a standard.

2018/2019 BEYER introduces their first own Audio Conference Systems AKS 30 und AKS 60 IP into the market. These new devices offer DSP voice quality for up to 10 people and can be connected analogue resp. as SIP client.

2020 BEYER launches the SpeakAFile portal and offers voice recordings free of cost by the Speak FREE service.

2021 BEYER offers special announcement solutions based on the SC with SIP connection and a wide range of 2 up to 60 calls per system simultaneously.
The BEYERTONE-studio was and is the first specialised-studio for equipments for IT-products for telecommunications world-wide. Due to long year experience, the studio can guarantee best voice recordings and remote-transmissions. The BEYERTONE-studio is equipped with the latest technology, all usual and special formats can be delivered. BEYERTONE produces 'Corporate Sound' - not only for the own devices.